YakTrax XTR (Kahtoola Microspikes)


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Truth be told, I haven’t run in the Kahtoola Microspikes. But my experimentation with the YakTrax XTR, and previous reviews I've read about both, leave me feeling confident that I can comment on both.

I have already hit the snowy trails in the YakTrax Pro, HobNails, Ice Spikes, and sheet metal hexnuts, so this should finish my comprehensive coverage of your winter traction options. Let’s make this short and sweet…

• OUTSTANDING traction
• Easy to take on and off
• You know that you have something strapped onto your shoe
• They are not weightless
• There is no strap over the top of your foot so your foot/shoe can slide around inside the device

Final thoughts…I still like the hexnuts. I am a big fan of feeling like I have enhanced my shoes natural traction (hexnuts, IceSpikes, or hobnails) rather than feeling like, and knowing, that I have strapped something onto shoe. My traction in the XTRs was amazing on the packed down trail, but not so much more amazing than my hexnuts. The added weight bothered me, and I had to stop twice to adjust the cleats. Again, I can imagine some situations where these would come in very handy, but I don’t think West Michigan can produce any of these.