Why West Michigan Trail Runners?


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I've been running with this group of West Michigan Trail Runners since Fall of 2011. Many have been running trails together much longer than that. But in the last two years, much of what I've learned about trail running, and running in general, is how much more productive it is with others. I really didn't think running with a group was for me. Now I can't imagine trying to do all this work all by myself. No wonder I was a stop and start runner for many years.

This website emerges from a shared vision that many of these long time runners share: building a supportive community of runners who love the outdoors and love the challenge of trails. But that's not all, the vision also involves helping others to learn about the joys of running trails as well as sharing stories and sharing wisdom from our experience.

How's this done? Well, for starters we can write about it. Runners that create an account on this site (Create Account) can join other bloggers who write about trail running. Registered users can also write gear reviews and help us build profiles of the best running trails in the West Michigan area.

There's really a lot to write about when you think about it. There's gear reviews and personal blogs, but there's also book reviews, magazine article summaries, race reviews, food reviews, and trail race promotion. How long has it been since you sat down and enjoyed writing about something you were really passionate about? I hope you will join us!

This site is embryonic, but it will grow, not by itself, but because people like you will pitch in, share your stories, promote your passions. The group of West Michigan Trail Runners is already a strong community; let's build on that fact, invite others to join us, and share our opinions, knowledge, and passions with each other.