Strategies for Running Happy

With the 2014 5/3rd Riverbank Run quickly approaching, many people are coming up with or perfecting their “plan of attack”. This past weekend, a friend of mine asked me for the 4th or 5th time what my plan was for the 25k race. I don’t have one! Is that strange? That’s just not the kind of runner I am.

My simple strategies for success, which in my opinion is completing the race, include eating well the week leading up to the race and getting a lot of water and sleep. I try not to drink any alcoholic beverages 2-4 days prior to the race and I go to bed super early the night before. But that’s about it! I don’t look at my splits from past runs, I don’t check what times the women in my age group got last year and I definitely don’t tell myself that I have to finish by a certain time or run a certain pace in order to be happy. If you ask me, that’s a recipe for a stress filled, anxious and possibly upsetting day.

So in the last week and a half leading up to the big day my advice to you would be to plan to the run the race the way you ran all of your training runs. Run happy! If that means you have to check your watch every mile for your split, do it. If that means you have to start slow, take breaks and finish when you finish that’s great too. No one will judge you. You are running a 25k! You are awesome no matter what!

Good luck and see you out there May 10th!