Overindulgence = a sluggish pace


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Ever notice that when you drink some "adult" beverages or make bad eating choices that your running always suffers the next day? Either you choose to not to run at all or, like me, you force yourself to go run anyways and feel horrible, slow and like a ball of sludge on an endless uphill climb. It's just not enjoyable, people! So, why do we do it to ourselves?

This is a question I often ask myself. Usually on a Saturday morning trail run while I'm trying to keep up with my buddy, Dan and not throw up. Then at the end of the tortuous run I promise myself that I'm not going to drink Friday nights ever again. And I'm going to eat better. Yeah right!

I was curious to see if this was all in my head or if the way people eat AND drink is truly related to their running performance. There are plenty of articles in Runner's World, on health.com, and Fitness Magazine that will tell you what you SHOULD eat to perform well and feel good on your runs. But I already know all of that stuff! Then I found an article, Best and Worst Pre-run foods by Christine Luff, that explained why bad choices are, well, bad! The article stated that high fat foods ( burger, bacon, cheese) can digest slowly and feel like they're sitting in your stomach. And drinking caffeine before a run can cause stomach issues and diarrhea. Yuck!

In another article, What Are You Drinking? By Kristen Wolfe Bieler, it states drinking alcohol can initially dehydrate you for at least 24 hours. And this can be more dangerous the warmer the temperature. So don't do it!
In conclusion, the next time I reach for that French fry or think about having a beer or two or three I will try to remember I'm only going to be causing myself pain and heartache the next morning when my average pace is 11 minute miles and my stomach is literally crying out in the form of loud gurgles and burps. My apologies to those of you who have endured my noisy bodily functions on runs. I am trying to do better! :)


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Ah, great reminders! Now I need to learn to like vegetables a bit more. I can tolerate the liquid bread, but everything in moderation I guess--that's your point!
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Someone once told me that runners usually go out Saturday night, not Friday. I can attest to all this having had several Friday night happy hours and horrible Saturday morning runs. It's just not worth it!