Not older...better!

I have a birthday coming up and as I approach 31 I'm not upset, depressed or attempting to lie about my age. I'm excited to be getting older! I know some women reading this might be thinking, " ya, wait 10 years then tell me about how excited you are!". Which may be true but for now 31 is just fine!

I've learned a lot in the last 5 years, I've grown as a person, become stronger and wiser about some things. But most important to me is that I've become a runner. And I'm addicted!! The calm of a long peaceful run, the friendships forged, the excitement of races, pride when you place... It's all so invigorating!

I ran the Kent City Ridge Run 15k this past Saturday with my Aunt Jean and my husband, Brad. I ran this race last year, I find it's a good run to do as I approach the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon in April. It lets me gage how fast I can go, how I feel after 8 or 9 miles, when I will need water, energy chews, etc. And it was a great day, temperature wise for this longer run. I ate well the week leading up to race, got a lot of sleep the night before and was feeling good.

I started slow, got my breath in rhythm with my steps. And then my aunt pointed out an opening for me to pass a group. I did and then I just took off after that. I thought, there is no way I can maintain this pace the whole race. I'll slow down when I tire. But I didn't get tired! I felt great the whole run and even had energy to sprint to the finish line.
As I waited for my husband and aunt to finish I didn't even think about my time or if I placed or anything. I was just so happy that I ran the race and felt good the whole time. So as I enjoyed my popcorn and chocolate chip cookie (Kent City Ridge run has the BEST post race snacks btw! Baked potato bar! What?!) my hubby snuck off to check the results of the race. He came back with this crazy look of shock on his face. "What?!" I asked. "Are you frickin kidding me? You got first place in your age group!" He said. Of course he was also proud of me but maybe a little annoyed too that I am faster than him.

What a great day! An awesome run, time spent with my husband and aunt, a blue ribbon to wear home around my neck. If this is what it feels like to get older, then I'm in!


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Wish I could have joined you that day. I am inspired by how far Brad and you have come. Keep it up and when you go to Boston Marathon, I will be there to cheer you on.
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Congratulations, Sara, you old lady…hehhehe:)