A New Logo


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Our website at West Michigan Trail Runners has been up for over a year now. But until this week--April 2014--we've had to make do with a makeshift logo that stands in until we could find a permanent replacement.

As it turns out, the solution came from within our own ranks. Dave Hauschild is a professional illustrator that works out of Kalamazoo, MI. He has written trail reviews on this very site, but only recently did I learn that he not only has special talents as a committed trail runner, but that he is a classically trained professional illustrator. He owns his own design company, and works for many kinds of businesses and individuals.

Although Dave was our initial contact for this logo design, as it turns out the logo was actually designed by
Jennifer Hauschild, owner and designer at Hauschild Design.

Dave says he can take credit for the tree in the design, but the final logo and design is Jennifer's.

So thank you Jennifer and Dave Hauschild both for your collaboration and gift to West Michigan Trail Runners!

Hauschild Design: http://www.hauschild-design.com/

Dave Hauschild (DaveDrawsStuff): http://www.davedrawsstuff.com/