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Hi! I'm Stephanie, I just started running July 2020.... have gained so much in my life through running its insane!
Weight lose ( down 48 lbs)
A way to let stress go,
more energy
Gained an amazing group of friends who support my craziness even when running in the dead of cold!!!

Newbie to the trails

I am currently preparing for my first marathon, the Yankee Springs run in June. I love to explore and keep my runs interesting, and dodging trees, rocks, and roots is more fun than dodging cars, dogs, and cyclists.

Hi everyone. I'm 2020 Calvin University graduate who ran cross and track all 4 years. I love racing on the grass and on the track, but running on trails on easy days over the last few years was always such a blast. I'm looking forward to starting to expand my distance range and experience all of the great terrain and scenery West Michigan and the greater Michigan area has to offer!

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I'm a runner originally from Midland. I enjoy trail running and am in the process of upgrading my running to Ultra-Marathon levels.

All-American Collegiate Track Runner turned slow long distance runner! Love to run and be active. Prefer trails to road races.

Outdoor enthusiast getting back into distance running after some time away focusing on strength through CrossFit. Our dog Birdy joins me for shorter runs especially in the winter when she can race and bound through snow drifts.

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I love all things running including West Michigan trails. I am a co-host for the A to Z Running Podcast and co-founder of a running website dedicated to the running community:

A little crazy in some peoples minds.

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Love running with my trail group. I am not fast but I always feel good after a run with them.

You know you're a runner when you blame everything on your shoes.

They say running is a mental sport, I must be insane :)

I am a novice runner but enjoy trail running more than on the road. My daughter runs CC at her school and has kind of inspired me to get outside more and join in.

Co-Race Director - North Country Trail Relay

Runner of trails from Holland. I work in GR and like to connect and run with others in and around West Michigan on new trails.

Every year, every season, running is different. From finishing last in my first junior high cross country meet in Montana to qualifying individually for the state meet in Minnesota my Junior year. From rising early for a run up the Barr trail and looking down on puffy white clouds below Pikes Peak to treading across hot sandy beaches along the Great Lakes. From quitting running after surgery to correct a genetic foot problem to rediscovering running six years later wearing Five Fingers. I love running. I love overcoming challenges. And I'm going to keep at it. My progress can be tracked at

Father of two looking to complete my first 50k this summer.

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Active runner, 40-50 miles week; getting started in trail running.

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I am married and am blessed to be the father of 3 wonderful kids, ages 11, 9, & 8. They keep me very busy, but I am able to get some good running time in by doing the majority of my runs before the sun rises. I have only been running for 4-1/2 years, but I have grown to really love it. Back in my yoooot, I used to mountain bike a fair amount, so I REALLY enjoy getting out in nature and running the trails. Due to the area I currently live, though, I do most of my daily runs on the road, even though I like to consider myself a "trail runner at heart."

It's funny for me to think that when I first started running, I was training for my first 5K; and now just a few years later, I am targeting my first ultramarathon - the 50K North Face in Wisconsin in Sept of 2014. I have run a few trail half marathons (the 2012 & 2013 North Country Run and the 2013 Yankee Springs Trail Run) and just this summer completed my first official trail full marathon at the 2014 Yankee Springs trail run. After that, it's keep pressing on towards the goal for this year, which is the 50K in Wisconsin!

Being a fairly inexperienced trail runner, and also a bit of a gear junky; I like to read lots and lots of running blogs and gear reviews. So if I run with you some time, don't be surprised if I ask you lots of questions and pick your brain on your gear, your shoes, your training, or whatever!

Trail running is new to me but I have enjoyed the times I get out to do it.

Runner, 20 plus years. 50 plus marathons. I have done a few trail marathons and 50K ultras. Thinking about doing some longer races as well as Tri's. Have run the Hood to Coast for past 15 plus years.

Professionally, I am known as the "goddess of words and all that is good" (being that I'm a writer) but in the world of running (trail running, included) I'm referred to as "she who runs slowly, falls often, doesn't train, runs only in the morning if medals are given out, drinks voraciously,lectures on the virtues of plant-based diets, loves animals more than people and tries to have a positive impact on the world."

Have been running since 2003. Have done numerous half marathons, 10 marathons, triathlons (including one Ironman). Registered to do my first ultra (North Country 50 mile). Training officially starts in April and would love to trail run with others! I am a definite newbie to ultra trail running. Looking to learn a lot!

just started trail running

I’ve been running for several years now. I just recently started trail running this past year. Been exploring The trails here in West Michigan. I’ve been noticing your logo on a few so thought I’d check in to see what’s going on!

Love trail runner. Looking for like minded friends.

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I've been a regular at the Dirty Herd Sunday evening Robinette's trail run for several years. I consider that group my "herd." I also join the Tuesday night group at Cannonsburg Ski area most weeks. In between I run the other trails or just the roads in my neighborhood. I've run the River Bank 25K and a few half marathons on the trail, but no ultra longs for me! I've been teaching at GVSU since 1995 where I am professor in the Department of Writing.

I moved to Michigan from Kansas in 1995, and I'm still am a loyal Jayhawk. But I'm also a big Tigers and Lions fan. I love Grand Rapids and I'm a big fan of all the trail runners in this area.

I love the outdoors and running! I am new to West Michigan and am looking for a running group to enjoy the trails with.

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Trails are my favorite running surface.

Some of my trail races include the Pikes Peak Marathon, the Tecumseh Trail Marathon, the Tahqua 25K Trail Run, the Woodstock Half Marathon and the T-Rex 10 Miler.

Kalamazoo resident, into running, hiking and cycling. Illustrator by trade:
I run probably as much road as trail, but almost all my long runs are trail. It's hart to get excited for a long road run, but I usually look forward to a long trail run like a kid on Christmas morning!

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Previous inline skate racer (indoor and out). Nationals 3 times for indoor, finished top 5 twice. First outdoor race was a 52 miler with 12,000' elevation then 3 marathons. Switched to duathlons 2 years ago (less broken bones) and competed in nationals twice with 8th first yr and 4th this yr. Competed in worlds as a member of TeamUSA last yr with 9th place in Ottawa and 8th place in age group this yr in Spain. Qualified for worlds in Australia next yr. Somehow I was able to be ranked 33rd first yr, then 23rd last yr and 14th this yr in age group in US. I love trail running and would like to do an ultra this next year (50m) after nationals in June. I know nothing about ultras and really look forward to learning.

Quit my college track team to trail run. Prospective ultra marathoner. The gnarlier the trail, the better. Proudly hailing from the Thumb of Michigan.

Runner for 30+ years, trail runner for 7. Have run north country half, vasa 25 k, t-rex 10 miler, and Grand Island half. I am currently training for my first full trail marathon in Yankee Springs. I love running in the woods!

I started road running 4 years ago. Trail running about 1 1/2 years ago. I love it!! It's so much fun, not boring like road running. Love the Dirty Herd!!! And you don't have to be fast..

Love trail running!

Communications Director at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute -

DeGraaf Nature Center in Holland, MI is a neighborhood nature center commited to encouraging people to get outside and explore the world around them.

Owner of High FIve Races
Weekend Timer with Races Services
Pt. Navigator for McLaren Cancer Institute
Brooksie Way Training Leader
Love to run, bike, read, yogi and dog lover

I am a former road runner turned trail/ off road runner. I enjoy the scenic trails and appreciate how much kinder the dirt trails are to my body.

Calvin Cross Country Runner
Assistant Coach GRTC

Steve Gauthier

I've been trail running for over 10 years and enjoy it very much. I'm also an avid road runner, triathlete, mountain biker, downhill skier, golfer basically a jack of all sports master of none! I especially enjoy night trail running. After spending many years down south I'm trying my best to acclimate myself to running in the wind, snow, and cold and found the best way is to get proper gear.

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I'm 39 and just got back into running after a 20 year break. I ran cross country in high school and at Calvin College in the late 1900s (1996 to be exact). This is my 1st season winter running & I recently developed a serious addiction to trail running. I can't stay off the trails!

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25. I live on the Northeast side of Grand Rapids and enjoy exploring all of the trails and parks I can. Fairly new to the trail running scene, but I've been on the marathon circuit for a few years now. Track and Cross Country in high school. Plans to run a trail untra some day.

In August of 2016 my wife and I visited Leadville, Colorado with no idea what significance that had. Our AirBnb had someone staying in it that had just ran a certain 100 MILE RACE through the mountains. I started following trail running and thinking, "I'm doing that some day!"

I started running in February of the next year and completed the River Bank Run 25k in about 2.5 hours and was hooked. I also did the Lake Michigan RTS 10k, then had to take time to graduate, go on a long vacation and trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, and get to working full time. Now I'm excited to start training again!

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Canadian newbie here!! Gonna run the Yankee Springs Winter Challenge 10k in January, and then after that hopefully even longer runs!
Trail running!!!!!!!

Beginner runner ran 1st 10K last year now wanting to run more & more
55 years old new to Kalamazoo area grew up in Metro Detroit

51 year old, started running again little over 2 years ago, just had my butt kicked by the Tahqa 25k

I live in Texas the majority of the year. But spend summers at my parents lake house on Gun lake. I come from a family of trail runners and am finally tackling this side of running. I have ran for the past 7 years . My favorite distantance is a half but I am training for an ultra in Janurary in Texas.


Roads are the new treadmill

Trail running is an escape I so look forward to. I recently discovered the joy of running at night in the winter via headlamp and great shoes. What a rush.

Trail runner

I'm not much of a long distance runner, but I love running in nature in all kinds of weather. Slow and steady: me in a nutshell.

Teacher, aspiring writer, reader, trail runner, yoga enthusiast.

My husband and I are not new to the running community in the fact that we run in several 5 and 10k's a year. However we ARE new to "winter running" and running on trails. We both enjoy being outside, breathing the fresh air and admiring God's creation! We're looking for beginner-ish running trails to keep us motived until the wonderful warm weather returns.

just another runner

I just moved to the west side from the east side and love to run. I had to take some time off due to having a baby, but just got the okay to start running again.


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Have been running all my life but came across the "herd" during a fall classic a couple years ago. I love the trails which allow me to connect more with nature/ peace than running along busy roads. No better way than running with like-minded on a snowy day somewhere in the woods. Ran my first race ever 9 years ago in Grand Rapids/ Fifth Third and several 1/2 M and the Chicago Marathon - nothing longer for me. Fun group - come out and join us!


Usually a lone runner, but thought it would help with motivation to run with others occasionally. Currently recovering from a torn gastrocnemius; it has been a slow recovery, and I feel like I am basically starting over (have been a runner for 3 years and have completed two marathons - one on trail, the other on road), but right now, I my runs feel like I am new to it. Hoping to run as many MMBA trails as I can make time for this Summer.

I recently moved to GR from Seattle where I lived for 20 years after moving there from Portland to attend the University of Washington. I've been running since....Always. Track, Cross Country, then for my own fun, goals, and stress relief. I've completed a handful of marathons, with a PR of 2:53, as well as many of every other distance up to a marathon distance. I haven't tackled an ultra, but maybe getting out on the trails will get me there. I love to be outside running, biking, swimming, backpacking, kayaking. My mottos: "You can never eat too much; you can only exercise too little." and "Every pace has its purpose."

Trail-runner, fivefingers-wearer, sailor, dad, professor

I have been running the trails for two years. The beauty and peacefulness make it a perfect run every time.

I've been running trails now for about four years. After spending most of last summer running on the roads, I am getting back out onto the trails a lot more this year. I prefer to be on the trails and in the woods than anywhere else. I have completed two trail marathons in 2014 (my first two) and definitely plan on running more.

My name is Jeremy Tejchma. I am 28 years old and from Muskegon, MI. I have been an athlete my entire life but am relatively new to running. I've always enjoyed running when training for other sports (Played College Hockey) but due to a few recent life changes I am extremely excited to dive into this new endeavor and hopefully meet people with similar interest. I couldn't have asked for a better website to stumble across and if anyone has any tips for me I would greatly appreciate it.

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Started running the roads in 2005. Done 14 road marathons and several other distances. Took up trail running about 2 years ago and love it! Did my first ultra trail race in 2015. I am looking for people to run with. I live in the Grand Rapids area. Been married for almost 30 years. I've been living a vegan lifestyle for almost a year.

I am a runner. I am 37 years old, married with two children and have a love for running. I chose about 5 years ago to matain being healthy and active so my kids were active.

New to trail running. Excited to get outside.

I’ve been running since high school. I was a sprinter then, grew to love trail running the past few years and love doing trail half marathons!

Trail runner

Active runner for the last 2 years. New to trail running.

Experienced road runner but wanting to move to trail running

Former track and field sprinter at GVSU, now a semi-retired runner and mom of two.

Like to run

I've been a road runner for about 3 years now, but I'm looking to start trail running. I just recently moved back to West Michigan after being away for 15 years.

Long history of road running and triathlons. Do more race development than running anymore as the knees have paid the price.


Lover of the trails.

I like to walk the trails at Al Sabo with my dog And meet people there. It is good for my health and my mental health

Hi! I have been running for about 14 years. I have done a little trail running (Fort Custer, Al Sabo, Dances With Dirt), but would to start incorporating more. Long term plan is Trans Rockies in 2020!

New to the running world, I have always loathed running despite not being horrible at it, but I needed an outlet and a big one at that. I run to clear my head and my soul, I feel that it helps me to get through the daily demands from work, and from home, and guides me to being a better parent.

I love every minute I am running on trails.

A pavement-averse sufferer. The more elevation, the better.

I am 60 years old, from the northeast but currently based here for business. I returned to road running a few years back while based in Houston for three years and transitioned to trails after I was hit by a car during an early morning run soon after relocating here. I live next-door to Robinettes, so I have been running there mostly. I thoroughly enjoy the people I’ve met from WMTR, and the Dirty Herd. Except for GR Half and River Run last year, I haven’t run races since the 1981 & 1982 NYC marathons. My stretch goal is to run marathons again, ideally beating my 4:24 time of 40 years ago :-) However, that will take quite a bit of work as I’m currently a five-mile, 13:00 pace trail runner today.

"all good things are wild and free"

I love to run especially in the woods.

I love to trail run, mountain bike, or any adventure that brings me into the woods and on the trail!

I have only been running in earnest for about 4 years or so. I have a couple of Riverbank runs and the Hurt the Dirt Half and I now know there is more to this running life than roads. We, as a family, spend some time Up North and I feel drawn to single-tracks, sandy two-tracks, oil roads, barely cut pipelines, and old snowmobile trails. I hoping to find that feeling in and around Grand Rapids.

I am 40 years old and have been running since high school. I am now just starting to transition from the roads to the trails. I am enjoying every minute of it and my joints seem to appreciate the softer surfaces too.

I live in Kalamazoo and work as a behavior technician. I enjoy running half marathons and marathons. I’m still pretty new to trail running but I’ve been hooked all summer.

In 2013 I competed I many different races including road races, triathlons & trail races. This was the first year I did more than a non trained 5k. In 2014 I'm doing Ironman Wisconsin! Quite a leap I know, I can and will do this!

Just ran my first ultra marathon and am looking at developing into a better runner

Fairly new to trail running, I really enjoy the outdoors and the versatility of running different area trails. I enjoy running with the Dirty Herd on Sundays... and on Fridays I run with my husband on various trails in the area. My favorite so far is Seidman Park although the first time I ran there I got lost for about an hour and a half. :-)

Ecologist, naturalist, Native gardener and avid trail runner from Kalamazoo

I've been doing outdoors all my life.
Mostly hiking and xcountry skiing back in Canada or Upper New-York state.
Moved to Michigan 3 yrs ago.
Got into running last year and am hoping to start trail running this year to continue exploring the trails I usually do hiking.

Young professional looking to be more involved in local social events and I thought this would be a great way to get outside, meet new people and be active!

I am principal owner of Michigan Adventure Racing. We offer fun but intense adventure and trail races in West Michigan. My favorite activity is running off of the trail and with map and compass in hand during 24-30 hour adventure races.

Have been running for about 5 years, but only on trails for just over a year. Trail running is certainly more difficult but also much more interesting than road running

Matt is the Software Development Director for InetSolution, Inc. The day job consists of delighting clients while finding the win-win, and helping the team succeed wherever possible. Matt likes to spend as much time as possible with his wife and three daughters, from week long road trips to museum day trips. Any time left over goes towards whittling down his too long reading list. Matt is currently the vice chair of the Kalamazoo X Conferences.

Started running in April of 2019 as part of regaining my strength following a lumbar fusion in October 2018. I am now running between 35 and 50 miles a week and enjoy both trail and road running.

I live in Grand Rapids and have been a runner for several years. I've always done most of my runs on the road and am excited to start exploring the trails that West Michigan has to offer!

I like to run and I like dirt

Greenhorn to trail running.

I like to run.

Mike MacKellar's picture

I like turtles

I’m Morgan, I’ve lived in Grand Rapids my whole life. I have been married to my husband Trent for 6 years. I am a high school math teacher and cross country and track coach.

Active road runner since 2012 who is trying to become more of a trail runner.

Recently moved to the west side of Michigan and have enjoyed the switch from running on pavement to dirt! Received my first pair of snowshoes this winter, and am loving being able to stay active all year long.

New but avid runner

msujdog's picture

You can usually see me at Sunday Dirty Herd meetings. Running helps me burn off lots of homemade beer.

I'm new to trail running and love the opportunity to continue to redefine what I once thought wasn't possible. My favorite trail is Cannonsburg State game especially with the recent exploration of the pirate trails in that area. I'm grateful for the welcoming and supportive nature of all the trail runners I've had the pleasure of running with.

I am here in Grand Rapids for 3 months and looking for activities. I want to get back into running after a long pause of life.

Started running two years ago haven't done to much trail running looking foreword to hitting some trails and doing an ultra

I am a carpenter who loves being outdoors. I have been running and hiking most of my life, but I am just now starting to explore trail running and I love it!

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Former road runner (a few marathons).
Current trail runner (a couple 50k's, many trail relays - North Country Trail Relay & Dances with Dirt).
Mostly run at Grand Mere State Park in Stevensville, MI. 900 acres of wooded dunes along Lake Michigan.
Currently direct the Jack Settles Deerfly Stomp, an event to raise support
& awareness for Alzheimer's Association.
We actually rrun through Deerfly infested woods (on purpose) & "catch" deerflies on a Tred-Not Deerfly Patch. The winner of the Stomp is the one who catches the most deerfles.
Donations are then made ($0.25 per bug) to the Alzheimer's Association for each captured fly.
Last years total catch...293 of these winged carnivores.
(This is NOT a "catch & release." :)))

I starter running consistently in May 2006. I never considered myself a fast runner, but I get excited about distance. A ran my first Marathon in May 2007 and soon after started running ultra distances and transitioning to trails. In the last few years I've been running mostly trails. I've found that trail running naturally goes well with all kinds of outdoor adventure, and most of you probably know me as the crazy guy that runs 100 milers, runs with a backpack, and goes camping in the winter.

Just starting. I mean like JUST starting.

Have been enjoying trail running for the past 5 years. More recently have been doing more of it with my two boys.

rebecca's picture

Bio to come...

UP native living in Grand Rapids for the past few years, running marathons and ultras up to 100k. Prefer trails, but I take what I can get. Not good enough to do 100 (yet.) When I'm in town, I like to run with WMTR and work out with November Project.

marathon runner who enjoys trails. Luton park, Cannonsburg state game area, Merrell Trail. Enjoys alpine trail running - Matterhorn Ultraks, Davos, Jungfrau marathon.

River Country Chamber of Commerce - host races in Newaygo County, trail and road races.

Looking to be part of a fun group of runners. More of a barefoot road plodder than a runner and looking to do more trail running and maybe even an ultra someday. Buen Camino!

Grand Rapids, MI

I want to try trail running, but don't know where to start.

Rob Andro's picture

a.k.a. "Dirty Rob"; Chicago native and unapologetic Chicago sports fan (this is our year!). When I'm not trail running I like helping others enjoy their leisure time.

Understand that I LOVE trail running, but I rarely see it as a race. There isn't a race small enough that I could win. Instead, trail running is a Zen practice that helps me find calm and peace in this crazy world we live. I've covered every distance from a 5k to a 50k and have enjoyed every mile. If you're interested in trying it, my only advice would be to just show up (thanks NP!). I promise that you won't be the same. "Run [walk] as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet." - Thich Nhat Hanh

I've never been a runner but now that I've started running trails I love it!

RunBum's picture

I love the North Country Trail! I have a rigged out van made for (mostly running) adventures! Holler at a runner if you see me at the trailhead!


I guess you could say, I was born to run......never was a time in my life when I didn't run. I joined this site mostly because I would love to have someone to run Yankee Springs with mostly or even Fort Custer.

I have come to realize that the people I know just don't run, never will run and don't want to

So I think it is time I find some new friends who DO RUN!

I am not really a racer, though sometimes I swear I am racing someone. I run for the love of it and running in the woods is my thing! I am not a slow runner but maybe not as fast as I think I

I actually joined a dating site yesterday to find me a woman running, wow was I in for a rude awakening! That only lasted 24 hours.......profile is gone:)

If you are interested in Running Yankee Springs please feel free to contact me.....however you do that on this site?

"Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono" The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness!

I took up trail running about 6 yrs ago, when my kids joined XC. I love my time on the trails. My dog is my faithful companion on the trails, she loves it as much as me. But beware I brake for wildflowers and mushrooms, at least any new varieties I come across.

New to Michigan and looking for a running community. I'm more tortoise than hare, but love to get out on the trails.

SaraVH's picture

I've been running about 3 and a half years. I road run and trail run. I'm also a yogi and a licensed Zumba instructor. I love this group of runners! We're friends and family and here to encourage and motivate each other. Join us and see how much fun trail running can be!

55 year old guy. Local...born and raised. Been running since my late 40s and lovin' it. Have only ran the Robinette trails with the Dirty Herd, and am looking to branch out a bit.

Scott Worden's picture

I'm a part time trail, part time road runner. I've been running with the Dirty Herd since June of 2011. I got started with this group in an effort to train for the Tahqua 25K later that summer, but have enjoyed trail running so much, that I've stuck with it (mostly.... I won't name names, but some consider me less than part time... ahem-ROB-ahem).

Lover of all things outdoors...

Love to be out in the woods, so trail running is right up my alley. I'm a slow runner, even slower on the trails, but that is partly because I get caught up in the scenery. Would love to get out more on the trails and run with a group, as most often, I'm a solo runner.

I am somewhat new to running. I have done some trail races and love running the trails. As an older runner one of my main goals is to stay injury free. This can be a challenge. Looking forward to meeting other trail runners.

I have been running consistently for about a year and half now. I always ran on paved surfaces be it roads and streets or blacktop paths. I ran the Grand Rapids Marathon in 2012. I was looking for something a little more challenging than the sometimes mind numbing "pick 'em up and put 'em down" of running on the road. Started running trails during the summer of 2013 and found it to be a great change of pace and challenge. Trail running strengthened my legs and got rid of some of the little aches and pains that I had. There are always people at the group trail runs of varying paces, and buddy, if you want to push it, there are people there for that too. Trail running can hurt so good don't you know!

I've been a road runner for years and have been doing trail runs for 2 years. Looking to get into it more.

I think I am in denial. I don't consider myself a runner as I don't care for pavement, nor do my knees. Running is part of my fitness routine and a means to staying healthy and getting outside. When I am not attempting to train for a race, I typically run 1-2 times per week (more when I travel for work). That said, I do love multi-sport events and running on trails. I think trail runners are some of the nicest athletic people I have met. Work may have led me to the sport, but it's the people and the trails that have made me want to stay personally. Thank you for supporting such a cool community!

I am a Grandma that loves to run and have been a runner for about 27 years. I have done mostly road and paved trail running but I am interested in exploring more trail running. My other interests are hiking and biking. My husband is my best running partner and our preferred way to travel is doing running vacations and running cruises.

Slow and rather ungraceful runner, but prefers trails!

I found my passion for the joy of hiking at 15 while sitting quietly on Cloud's Rest looking out at all the splendor that I could see of Yosemite. It was my first backpacking trip and I had the best guide imaginable, my step-dad. He was explaining all that we were looking at and I asked him if we could be quite and just be. He was shocked because I always have so much to say, it was the first time I just wanted to be quiet and soak it all in. I loved the hike to get there and all the little stops along the way to find the hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Before this trip, I was only about playing sports for activity.We took a couple amazing backpacking trips in my 20's, I regret I didn't go with him on his first John Muir Trail hike.

Fast forward a hundred years and I'm a mama to 2 amazing kids. My oldest is a runner, as his cousin is as well. He loves XC and is talking about running a 10k soon, even though he hasn't even hit high school yet. When he started run camp, going on 3 years ago, he encouraged me to try what he was learning to get into blacktop running, after double shin splints, no thank you. I discovered trail running and I have been trying to get into it ever since. I am not built for running, as my son is. So, it's not natural for me to run without purpose (running for home plate, running for the ball, running from a bear, etc.). I always tell him to do his best, with what he has and with where he is that day (he has suffered multiple injuries, he missed all of last track season with a double achilles injury , etc.). So, I am beginning where I am. I signed up for Spring Fling next month. Even if I walk the entire course, it's a beginning.

I am not competitive with others, I am outrageously competitive with myself. I cannot stand to let my team down. I went to Texas A&M. We had yell leaders, instead of cheer leaders and that's how I roll. I got to coach GOTR 1 year and loved how we were about encouraging our girls to get moving. We had a couple pre-XC girls who were amazing at giving it their best and not putting the other girls down for not performing as well. It's a blast to watch them race at XC meets.

I am passionate about Paying It Forward. I am excited about lending a hand to do the work that needs doing to maintain the trails. I am that crazy lady who ties a doggie do do bag to all my trainers, so when I see trash, I can pick it up without touching it. By the way, I do not pick up poop, we don't have a dog yet. I go for the trash that can hurt the wild life and our planet.

I have no idea, if what I shared is what y'all were after for my Bio. Apologies if it's not.


Love to run new to it

Hobby runner.

Hi everyone
I am a 45 year old grandma of 7.
I have been running for less than a year.
My first trail run was the Dirty Duel last October.
I have since completed 2 Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, Rhino Challenge, and will be doing GRMud run this weekend, and the Tough Mudder in a few weeks.
My training grounds is Provin Trails .
I have done many races , my biggest race being a 15k.
I am finding though that I enjoy trail running the most.
Looking for to the fall trail runs, already signed up for the pumpkin run and the Dirty Duel.

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1950 vintage runner. Always looking for new trail to explore. Some of my favorite places are North Cascades WA. B.C. Canada's North Shore and Chamonix France. Backcountry skiing when I can. I've tested myself doing a few SKIMO races and now looking towards XC skiing during this winter. Keeping in shape hitting the trails here in Michigan.

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I like running, but I really like the wave of relaxation that follows being done with a run. I like to bask in the sweet sensation of relief that follows. I also like to eat my ice cream and think, “I deserve this now because I went for a run.”

I enjoy staying busy and leading an active lifestyle for general health and well-being. Work as a physical therapist and love being a good example and helping others. Enjoy the trails for a variety in my work out.

Recently returned to where I was born and raised. Active road and trail runner in search of a new running community.

My name is Robert and I am a Christian ultra runner who loves God, loves people, and loves to laugh! I have done 50 milers on road and trail and love the adventure of trail running. I am looking forward to joining up with some of you on the trails - just look for the guy in the tutu! IG @therealtutuman

Not a trail runner, but working with Camp Henry, Camp Geneva & Camp Roger on their chipped 5K Trail Run & Walk. The race is October 13th. Individual, Family & Group rates. Costume contest. Looking for feedback, suggestions to help promote the race & interested runners.

Currently training for a few races and interested in doing more trail running!

just a dude trying to get some miles in.