Al Sabo Land Preserve


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The Al Sabo Land Preserve is located a few miles South West of Kalamazoo, near Texas Corners.

The Al Sabo Land Preserve is a water pumping area for the Kalamazoo Utilities Department. It's often mistakenly called Au Sable but was in fact named after Albert Sabo who was the director of the Kalamazoo Department of Utilities until 1969. The preserve has over 25 miles of trails through woods and fields, and varies from flat and well trodden to rolling and wild. There is even a nifty boardwalk through one of the sections of the wetland that runs through the middle of the preserve. I have been exploring the preserve for over twenty years now and it still surprises me with trails and features that I hadn't noticed before. It also abounds with wild life, including squirrels, deer, coyotes, piliated woodpeckers, and even the rare massasauga rattler! The Kalamazoo Dirty Herd runs there on Sunday mornings. It's a fantastic trail system, and there is no entry fee. Access is via the trail head off Texas drive.

For more information about Al Sabo you can go to the parks website.

Trail Map: 

Al Sabo Land Preserve


I get lost everytime I try to run our here lol