Bruised Ankles Are the New Black!


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This is it! This is the winter that I try running snow shoes. I live in Michigan, after all. It snows here . . . sometimes A LOT!! And so after months of debating, researching, discussing and considering, my husband and I finally picked me out a pair of running snow shoes. The Atlas Run Unisex were the ones we chose. They are spring loaded suspension, 6061 aluminum V-frame, have LightSpeed binding, aluminum Twin-Trac toe crampon and Heel Traction. I was so excited when they arrived! Christmas came early! But of course the day they showed up on our doorstep there was no snow to speak of. And then there was that glorious rainy, icy, sleet stuff. But I could wait no longer! For those of you who don't know me, I am a tad bit impatient.

So I decided on Sunday ( the day after the big ice storm that stole power from thousands in the area) that I would try the snow shoes out in the backyard to avoid any embarrassment in front of my Dirty Herd friends. The test run went pretty well so I packed them up and headed to Robinette's for the Sunday night trail run. I admit, it probably wasn't the best weather to try my new snow shoes. The snow was more like hardened ice and running through it was like smashing through glass tables with giant tennis rackets attached to my feet. It was hard, exhausting and from time to time painful as the backs of the snow shoes would occasionally smash into the insides of my ankles. But I had fun! And the challenge is exactly what I needed my first time out. It took me almost 25 minutes to run the first loop of the trail, which normally only takes me about 12. And I was completely exhausted. I was out of breath and sore, in the best way! You runners know what I mean.

I didn't even feel annoyed or defeated when I started back in to my car. I was already thinking about what I would differently and how I could improve my technique the next time out. And then I got to my car, took off the snow shoes and pulled down my socks to reveal two very swollen and bruised ankles.

But I showed them off proudly like medals, proof of my achievement, to my husband when I got home. And I'm really excited to get out and try them again. Bring on the snow because this winter's style update? Bruised Ankles Are the New Black!


Thank you for sharing, Sara! I purchased snow shoes for my hubby and me last year for Christmas and my daughter (9) this year. I was whipped after my first adventure last year, which happened to be Robinette's as well, but I loved it.