...And then there was running


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Why did I start running? It's probably the same reason you started running. To lose weight. I had already been on the " journey to a healthier me" for about a year when I started struggling to stay motivated. Then I asked myself a simple question, whose body did I envy? And what did they do to get that enviable body? All the people on that list in my head had one thing in common. They were runners!

But I had never run a day in my life. Well, not really... I DID play basketball and softball in high school. I didn't consider that to be the same, however, because you stop and take breaks so often during those sports. That is to say I was never a track star or cross country chick. So, although the task seemed daunting, I started trying to run using a couch to 5k app On my iPhone. (Www.c25k.com)

It was hard, it hurt my lungs, my legs ached and I was definitely not fast. I ran for 3 minutes, walked 1 minute, ran 1 minute then repeat. I followed the program and within a month I was a "runner". And I was so proud! The feeling of a runner's high was everything I hoped for and needed to re-charge my weight loss and fitness goals. I started running with my aunt and her friend and my cousin then with training groups and eventually we tried trail running and became members of the WM trail running group and regulars at the Dirty Herd runs.

Running has changed my life in many ways that I will continue to share with you in my posts. But first and most important it helped me find a group of truly motivating, caring, positive people that I consider family. And I hope to continue running with them for a very long time.


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You also motivated me to start running. I also enjoy the new friends we have made that becomes my running family.